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The GA DOE and AASD Announce Partnership with Innivee Strategies for AASD Superintendent Search


The Georgia Department of Education and the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf (AASD) have announced that the search process for the next AASD Superintendent has begun. As part of an ongoing commitment to directly engage the school’s students, parents, faculty, staff, community and other stakeholders in the search process, the search process will be led by Innivee Strategies, which has facilitated community-engaged search processes for other schools for the deaf.

The goal is to hire the new Superintendent by the end of the school year and begin their new role by, or prior to July 1, 2022. Preparations for the search have begun. Stakeholder focus groups and surveys are expected to take place in early 2022. The recruitment period will occur in mid-to-late Spring 2022, with the interview and selection process taking place shortly afterward.

New information about the search process will be shared through AASD and Innivee Strategies’ websites. We look forward to the AASD stakeholder community’s participation in the search for the next Superintendent.