School Crashers

Exciting news! AASD is getting CRASHED!! We have been selected to receive a makeover sponsored by the Georgia United Credit Union Foundation's School Crashers program! (See their website announcing the recipients of this special grant: School Crashers | Georgia United Credit Union ( 

We will be repurposing a space in the library to house a Deaf/AASD History Museum. This deaf history museum at AASD is designed to provide a vibrant and educational space where students can connect with their heritage, fostering empowerment, pride, and a deeper understanding of Deaf culture. We will need volunteers from our school community and the Deaf community to help renovate our library space for this museum. We will need a lot of help with painting and decorating the space. We are also looking for artifacts and artwork showcasing our Deaf culture.  Please reach out to me at if you are interested in volunteering.

school crashers