• AASD is continuing the Flag Football program again this year!

    We will have our first practice on Tuesday, February 20th.  Please look below for the requirements.


    • First practice will begin on Tuesday, February 20th from 3:40pm-5:15pm. 
    • Three practices and/or games per week
    • Must have physicals done before the FIRST game.
    • Must complete all forms before the first day of practice. 
    • Must pay $50 fee before the first game. If want a payment plan, please contact the Athletic Director for more information.

     Please ignore if you have already paid the sports fee.

    • Review and complete Student-Athlete/Parent Handbook soon
    • Download Game Changer app for effective and quick communication



    • Physical Examination
    • AASD Athletics Registration Form
    • Waiver/Liability Form
    • Join the Game Changer
    • Shoes with cleats

    Athletic clothing: (t-shirt or tank top, shorts, or leggings)

    Printable permission form (en espanol)

    We will be competing against other schools in our conference, the Atlanta Athletic Conference. We will have a tournament and championship in late April. All games will be away games at other schools and locations.

    There are no tryouts. Practices are from 3:40 - 5:15 pm. Parents will need to pick up their child at 5:30 pm in the front of the school.

    All games will be away games.


    Printable Practice & Game Schedule

    Tues, March 5th

    @ The Cottage School

    1:30 PM (MS & Varsity)

    Tues, March 12th

    @ Cumberland

    MS - 4:00 PM

    V - 5:00 PM

    Wed, March 20th

    @ CORE

    V - 4:30 PM

    Tues, March 26th

    @ The Howard School 

    MS - 4:30 PM

    V - 5:30 PM

    Fri, March 28th 

    @ Tapestry

    MS - 4:30 PM

    V - 5:30 PM

    Fri, April 19th

    @ Mill Springs Academy

    MS - 4:00 PM

    V - 5:00 PM

    Tues, April 23rd

    AAC Flag Football Playoffs @ Windsor Field

    4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    Wed, April 24th

    AAC Flag Football Tournament @ MSA

    3:30 PM

    4:30 PM 

    5:30 PM