Accessible Materials Project

  • The Accessible Materials Project (AMP) provides language, literacy, and technology support to meet the individual needs of deaf and hard of hearing students, empowering them to achieve their highest potential.

    ASL accessible texts offer a fun way to keep kids reading and communicating during their time off from school.

    AMP has developed a number of educational materials including:

    • ASL language instructional resources
    • Assessment resources
    • Children's trade books
    • Classic literature
    • Family resources in ASL, Spanish, and English
    • Guided reading books
    • Narratives
    • Student motivational materials

    Over 150 AMP video productions may also be viewed on AMP's YouTube page!

    We also have Tradebooks and Copyrighted materials. These are limited to schools and organizations working with the deaf and hard of hearing families of deaf and hard of hearing within the state of Georgia only.

    For information about this project or about receiving accessible texts, contact the AMP team at: