How to Enroll

    1. Atlanta Area School for the Deaf (AASD), operated by the Department of Education, is referral-based educational options in Georgia’s comprehensive continuum of programs and services available to deaf/hard of hearing, school-aged children who are legal residents of the state, their parents and local school officials. State Day School admission at AASD is available for students ages 3 to 21.
    2. Referral to the State School is the responsibility of the student’s local school system (LSS), working in collaboration with the student’s parents. The LSS must provide all evaluations and assessments, including any medical information and evaluations, to the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf (AASD) in order to formally initiate the referral process.

    Eligibility Criteria

    The actual enrollment of a student at AASD will be determined by the student’s IEP Team following a review of Present Levels of Academic and Independent Functioning, a development of student programming goals, and a discussion of placement options. However, the following enrollment criteria are suggested to provide guidance to the IEP Team(s), and to help clarify students for whom AASD might be an appropriate option:

    1. The student must meet the eligibility requirements as outlined in State Board Rule 160-4-7-.02 for deaf/hard of hearing students. The student’s hearing loss must be such that it inhibits the child’s ability to process information auditorily and therefore requires the use of visual communication methods and specialized instructional techniques. The hearing impairment must have the potential to adversely affect the applicant’s academic performance, social development, language development, communication skill, or intellectual functioning.
    2. There must be adequate space in the facility and/or program

    The Local School System must provide the following information as a part of the referral process:

    1. A letter of referral stating what services are requested
    2. An audiological evaluation current within the past year and otological evaluation report/form;
    3. Special education eligibility form, including Deaf/Hard of Hearing or Hearing Impairment eligibility and/or additional eligibility if appropriate;
    4. Vision screening report current within the past year;
    5. The current IEP/IFSP;
    6. AASD’s Application materials;
    7. General Basic Medical Form signed by a physician;
    8. Current assessment information, including psychological/cognitive functioning information, psycho-social assessment information and vision screening/assessment information;
    9. Education records, including transcript, report card, attendance record and disciplinary record.
    10. A certificate of immunization must be current prior to admission;
    11. Information from law enforcement agencies, the Department of Juvenile Justice, Georgia Family and Children Services, and any other agency with which the student has been involved.

    Upon receipt of the completed information, AASD’s Enrollment Committee reviews materials within five (5) school days and schedules the IEP/Placement meeting, if there is no further additional information.

    If you have any further questions or need assistance with the application process, please contact the Student Support Services office at 404-381-8241 (VP) or email

    Mail the completed packet to:
    Student Support Services
    ATTENTION: Krystle Wilson
    Atlanta Area School for the Deaf
    890 North Indian Creek Drive

    Clarkston, GA 30021