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    AASD Families,

    My name is Patti Lombardi and I am the Family Engagement Coordinator here at AASD.

    Countless studies show that student success rates are very closely tied to parental involvement at school. The closer the family feels to school and the child’s education process, the better the students’ outcomes!

    Please know that you are always welcome at AASD. Come whenever you can and come often! My desk is in the Family Resource Room just off the front lobby.

    I would love to meet you, chat over a cup of coffee, show you around, and hear your concerns. I can be reached at 404-300-5858 or plombardi@doe.k12.ga.us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is family engagement?
    Family engagement is intentional parental involvement in supporting a child’s education both at home and at school. We strive to create:

      • A welcoming family-friendly school environment.
      • Easy parent access, volunteerism, support, advocacy, and visibility.
      • Ways families can navigate special education and the IEP, (Individual Education Plan) process.
      • Celebrations of diversity in a language-rich community of families who honor and seek to understand the experience of their deaf child and learn to use American Sign Language.
      • A cooperative partnership between families, teachers, and school support staff.

    Does my child want me at school?
    Remember the odd mixture of pride and embarrassment you felt as a child when one of your family members came to school? Maybe your family did not come to school, but you always wish they did. Children love when family members come to school!  Your child is proud of you. They are proud of their school, their teachers, their friends, and their culture! When these things connect, they are thrilled, self-esteem is built, and their educational experience is strengthened.

    Does AASD have a PTA?
    No, but we have a school council. Chaired by an AASD parent for 2-year terms, AASD’s 
    School Council is made up of our superintendent, staff members and family members. Meetings happen 4 times each year and all are welcome.

    Can I volunteer at the school?
    YES! We offer many different volunteer opportunities, including on campus, in classrooms and on field trips. Contact us for details.

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