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  • Middle School Group

    Middle school is a tricky age for just about everyone. At Atlanta Area School for the Deaf, we help our students maneuver this stage in life through academic instruction, behavioral/emotional support, and the acquisition of life skills.

    Middle school students learn the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards. Students are individually assessed in each content area by highly qualified instructors. Lessons are customized to meet individual needs and learning styles through the process of differentiation. Our staff are trained to formatively assess and adjust instruction to fill identified educational gaps.

    We embrace a behavioral management system called PBIS – Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. This approach rewards students for favorable behavior. Students receive points for exhibiting the Three R’s – Responsibility, Respect, and Readiness. Each week students are granted points for desired behavior that translate into “money” on Fridays. That money can be used to purchase items at our Middle School Panther Store. Additionally, students can earn collective points throughout the quarter to earn a rewards field trip or special in-house activity. We are also fortunate enough to have Behavioral Specialist, a Behavioral Psychologist, and a Social Worker on our full-time staff that lend support to students, staff, and families as needed.

    Finally, we assist students in the acquisition of much needed life-long skills through a weekly class called Life Skills. Students tackle a variety of tasks they will need to be successful in life. Topics from appropriate introductions, working together as a team to accomplish a task, problem solving, appropriate internet and social media use, bullying and the like are addressed throughout the year in fun and engaging ways. Our students LOVE Life Skills!


Middle School Department Head

  • Elyse Ferrell

    Hello Families! My name is Elyse Ferrell. I am the Middle School Department Head at AASD. I work with middle school students and staff on a daily basis to help our students become the best that they can be. I hail from the great state of Texas and am fiercely loyal to my native roots. Many of my distinguishing characteristics came from my Lone Star upbringing. I have a deep love for animals of all kinds, I’d rather be in cowboy boots than flip flops, and if you cut me… I bleed BBQ sauce. I grew up in The Dallas/Ft. Worth area (North Texas), got my education at Texas Tech University (West Texas), and had my first teaching job on the border of Texas and Mexico in the Rio Grande Valley (South Texas), so I claim the whole state! While on a mission trip to Kenya, East Africa, I met my husband. Over the last 25 years, we have lived all over the southeast. We have three sons that keep us on the go. When I’m not at school with your kids, I can be found at church, on the football field, soccer field, baseball field, cross country stands, or in the wrestling gym cheering on my boys. I love my job and am passionate about seeing Deaf kids achieve. My desire is to partner with you so that we can work together to help your child achieve academically, socially, and emotionally.

    404-300-5837 (Voice)
    404-381-8398 (VP)