• The tutoring program at AASD is up and running again for students from 3rd grade to 12th grade.  Tutoring can occur from 3:40-4:40pm on Monday through Thursday for in-person sessions or any time after 3:40 for virtual sessions during the week or any time during the day on weekends. The tutoring session can be 1, 2, 3, or 4 times a week.  If your child is being tutored in person, he/she will be in Study Hall at AASD. Pick-up time is at 4:45 pm and families must provide transportation. If your child is being tutored virtually, we will provide a laptop if you don't have one at home and your child will meet their tutor through zoom at an assigned time and day.


    If you are interested in having your child tutored, please feel free to email me and request one. We will try our best to accommodate the student's needs based on your and tutor's availability.

    Subjects available: 
    English/Language Arts   
    Social Studies  
    Test Prep: ACT/Accuplacer


    For more information contact:
    Michelle Weaver