• Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

    AASD has been implementing PBIS since 2012 and every year we make adjustments and improvements to ensure we are best meeting each student’s individual needs.  All students participate in our school wide Panther PRIDE expectations: P-Persist, R-Responsibility, I-Inspire, D-Dream, E-Engage.  These are the expectations of all Panthers in all settings.  Teachers discuss what PRIDE looks like in the classroom and we work to ensure that here at school students are putting their best feet forward, whether it be in class, at lunch, in the hallways, or in their assorted after-school activities.  Teachers teach these expectations in an ongoing way throughout the year via class meetings.  Teachers also recognize students through assorted incentives that are shared with families via classroom management plans. Each of our departments: Elementary, Middle School, and High School also recognizes students as a larger group quarterly through assorted games, parties, and student selected rewards.  We also hold quarterly Celebrate AASD assemblies where we recognize student achievements as a complete school community. 

    We recognize that sometimes students need a little extra support.  As students struggle or demonstrate repeat infractions, we have a whole team of staff who work to implement evidence based assorted supports that help ensure classroom success.  This team attends additional training and provides teachers with additional support as needed.  This team also works to include a variety of extra supports such as small groups to discuss topics that are impacting negative behaviors, check in check out systems (CICO), cool off time in our Student Responsibility Center, or one on one support with one of our support staff.  The use of these supports is based on data as students demonstrate infractions.  For those who still struggle beyond this, we provide behavior assessments and sometimes more specific Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPS) that become a part of their IEPs.  All of these supports are communicated with our families to ensure student success. 


    Karen Bonner
    Karen Bonner
    Behavior Support Coach
    404-387-1734 (Text)
    404-537-1210 (VP)

    Amy Cohen Efron
    Amy Cohen Efron
    School Psychologist for Crisis Prevention & Intervention
    404-348-8407 (VP)